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More than 60 million Europeans live within 300km of Brussels, less than two hours by high-speed train. For those who fly in, it takes only 20 minutes from the airport to the city centre. And when you have arrived, it's easy to move around the compact city, by public transport or on foot.





Travelling by plane and then transfer on to Brussels

Landing at Brussels International Airport

Arriving at Brussels International Airport, you can easily reach Brussel’s city Centre via a choice of transport.

1. Travelling by train from Brussels International Airport to Brussels Central Station

The train station is co-located within the airport. Travel from Brussels International Airport to Brussels Central.
Once you have landed, follow the signs to ‘Exit & Luggage’ and pass Border Control if required to do so.
In the luggage area, pick up your luggage and exit the luggage claim area (see below).
Exit the luggage claim area near luggage claim belt 3.

Once you leave through this exit, you will arrive in the public Arrival Hall. Once through the one-way doors, turn right.
The escalators and lifts are between the JAVA coffee shop and a bar where you can have Belgian beers, chocolate and other small meals. It’s called Hi! Brussels.
Go to level -1, where you will find the train station.

It takes approximately 16 minutes (on a direct train) to reach Brussels Central Train Station. Trains operate 7 days a week, every 10 minutes from 5 am until midnight. Please check the current timetable here. The adult single fare (‘normal’) is 9,10 euro. Tickets can be purchased online or from ticket machines (passenger terminal, train station). Keep your ticket to hand as you will need to scan it before entering the tracks.

At the train station, take the train to Brussels Central Station (Brussel-Centraal)/Bruxelles Central). There are multiple trains per hour:

Departure from Brussels Airport Departure on track Arrival at Brussels Central Station Total travel time
XX:03 Track 1 XX:19 16 min
XX:13 Track 3 XX:31 18 min
XX:24 Track 1 XX:40 16 min
XX:30 Track 2 XX:47 17 min
XX:41 Track 3 XX:05 24 min
XX:53 Track 3 XX:12 19 min

2. Travelling by bus from Brussels International Airport to Brussels Central Station

The Airport Line is a direct link between Brussels Airport and the European district, just a few steps away from the commercial and touristic heart of Brussels’ upper town.

From now on, you can travel to the airport with a ticket at a normal fare. Therefore, you can take the bus to Brussels Airport with a STIB-MIVB season ticket or a JUMP ticket. If you don’t have a MOBIB card, you can also pay on the bus with your contactless bank card or buy a paper ticket at a GO vending machine. So, you no longer need a specific ticket to go to the airport.

On the other hand, to get from the airport to the city centre, you do need a new ticket, called “Go2City”. The journey from the airport now costs 7 euros. This specific fare only applies to those departing from the airport and is available on MOBIB card, through contactless payment on the bus or on a paper ticket. For those who travel regularly, or even daily, from the airport, this fare also exists in the form of 10 journeys or a Go2City season ticket.


Bus 12 takes you daily, from morning till evening, to the European district and the city centre. The Airport Line offers a connection with the metro at Schuman (lines 1-5) and at Trône/Troon (lines 2-6). Click here to view the timetables and the real-time information of line 12.

Bus pick-up point:
Level 0 | Follow the bus signs in the airport terminal.

3. Travelling by taxi from Brussels International Airport to Brussels Central Station

Taxis cost approximately €50 from Brussels International Airport to Brussels City. Please only use registered official taxis. License plates should always start with a “T”. You can get a Taxi by joining the queue outside the terminal.

Travelling by plane and then transfer on to Brussels

Landing at Brussels South Charleroi Airport

Distance from Brussels South Charleroi Airport to Brussels City Centre will be approximately 60 km, without traffic the duration will be 1 hour.

How to get to the Brussels City Centre from Charleroi airport:

1. Travelling from South Charleroi Airport by train:

You can opt for the combined train and bus ticket. Take the bus from Brussels South Charleroi Airport to Charleroi South train station (20 min) + train to Brussels-Central (Central Station) (+/- 60 min.) Belgian Railways (NMBS/SNCB) operates a train from Charleroi Airport (CRL) to Brussels hourly. The price of the ticket covers your transfer by bus and journey by train. You can buy your ticket online, at the ticket offices or via the vending machines that are located near Entrance 2.
Fare (ticket includes bus and train): +/- € 17,00

2. Travelling from South Charleroi Airport by bus shuttle:

Flibco Shuttle bus runs every four hours from Brussels South Charleroi Airport to Brussels South station. Duration will be 50min. Estimated price will be € 15,00 per person.

3. Travelling from South Charleroi Airport by taxi:

Please ensure you always use licensed taxis. Rates will be around € 120,00 per person one way.

Travelling by plane and then transfer on to Brussels

Other international airports

Brussels has easy access from other international Airports.
Connection to Brussels with Thalys:

  • Düsseldorf Airport (DE)
  • Schiphol (NL)
  • Paris-Charles de Gaulle (FR)

Connection to Brussels with ICE / DB Bahn:

  • Frankfurt Airport (DE)
Travelling to Brussels by car

Brussels is located at a central junction of several European motorways and can be easily reached by car. Are you planning on coming to Brussels by car? Please note that the city centre of Brussels is now a low emission zone. Register your vehicle before coming to Brussels and check whether you can enter the zone.

Getting around Brussels

Public Transportation
You can get around Brussels using buses and trams, metros. However, the Old Town and many other historical places are located within walking distance.
Tickets can be bought from vending machines around the city, once on board from the driver (prepare exact change) or at certain newsagents.
Single journey adult fare is €3,00. Please be aware that paper tickets need to be validated using special machines once on board, else you will be liable to pay a penalty fare.

Brussels is a great place to explore by bike. Move fast throughout the city center and her surrounding districts with the city bikes. With a day pass you can make short rides between the different Vélib-stations. A day pass only costs €4,00.

In order to avoid unpleasant surprises, we recommend only using licensed taxi companies. Such taxi should have a visible pricelist, a taximeter and a company logo with a phone number.
Taxis can be ordered by phone, some of them online or at a taxicab stand.
You will pay approximately €2,95 upfront charge and €2,10 for every subsequent km (weekday, day-time fare, zone 1).

On foot
Brussels is perfect for exploring on foot. Most city highlights, such as Grand Place, Manneken Pis, are situated close to one another, in the historical centre where pedestrian zones make walking friendly and safe.