NEWS FLASH | Read the new message from the Congress Director, Brig Gen Erwin Dhondt
44th ICMM World Congress rescheduled
Ladies and gentlemen, dear colleagues,

I hope this message finds you in good health and spirit.

During the past months, we have been planning the 44th ICMM World Congress in Brussels with the hope that we could meet, interact and inspire each other in-person. And though we all had hoped that 2021 would bring us on top of the huge COVID-19 pandemic challenges that we face, it still holds a tremendous pressure on global health and health care systems. Most of us have responsibilities in fighting this pandemic, and it looks like this challenge will not be over any time soon. Long-term uncertainties conflict with our need to start making essential practical arrangements for the World Congress and travel planning.

We sense the legitimate hesitance among potential participants, invited and keynote speakers, as well as sponsors and exhibitors to physically and actively participate in a full-scale conference abroad. Furthermore, hard to predict travel advisories and restrictions may still apply even after this summer for many of us.

The pandemic will not be behind us in September. We have considered a number of alternatives, but it would be a lost opportunity to downscale our 44th ICMM World Congress to a limited number of participants, thus depriving participants from the added value of networking and connecting that are inherent to a traditional congress. And of course, we want to avoid any situation where we are forced to cancel the whole event in a later phase, when many of you have already made travel arrangements.

Therefore, in my position of Congress director of the 44th ICMM World Congress and on the collective behalf of the Organizing Committee and the Professional Congress Organizer Event Masters, and in full transparency with the ICMM Secretariat general, I have decided to reschedule the “live” 44th ICMM World Congress in Brussels to September 2022.

We will be happy to announce a new date for the congress as soon as we can, and make sure the Centennial Anniversary edition in Brussels can truly be all you would hope and expect it to be – and much more.
“Let’s turn the COVID-19
challenge into an opportunity”

The impact of this pandemic is stressing Military Health, Wellbeing and Health Care. At the same time, it brings valuable lessons. Strategic thinking, health & sanitary concepts, new medical techniques and technologies arise. From now until the rescheduled live congress in September next year, we will embrace these changes to inspire and feed your appetite for knowledge and experience.

Since last year, we witness a proliferation of known and emerging digital forms of communications to exchange best practice. We explore new meeting and learning possibilities without physical contact, from webinars to podcasts.

Limiting the 2021 congress to a fully digital version would deprive us from the opportunities of personal exchanges. And there is simply too much exciting information to pass on at this moment to simply postpone or skip this centennial congress. So, besides moving the World Congress to September 2022, we currently investigate the possibilities of a reduced scale digital event in 2021 with all concerned partners.

Expect detailed updates on this soon. We recommend that you maintain the placeholder in your agenda in the week of 20-24 September for the digital event. The exact day and time will be communicated soon.

Rescheduling our World Congress was not an easy decision, but with the current uncertain outlook, we believe it is the only right one. Even if we cannot physically meet in September this year, we will not leave you behind in the coming year.

We look forward to meeting you during all activities in honor of the ICMM World Congress 2021 AND in 2022 – and many opportunities in between!

We will make this World Congress a success together!

Brigadier general Erwin Dhondt, MD (BEL MC)
Director general of the 44th ICMM World Congress 2021 and 2022