Ghent is charming, historic and feistily modern. Bruges is enchanting, seductive and endearing. The two cities are the perfect combination for an interesting day trip.

Bruges is also known as ‘The Venice of the North’ for its countless canals, bridges and the river Reie.

A private boat tour is therefore the ideal way of experiencing the centuries-old city. It takes you along the Bruges canals, where you’ll discover secret gardens, picturesque bridges and beautiful views. After the boat, you’re guided to the central-most point in Bruges, the Grote Markt. The 83-metre-tall Belfort with its carillon bells will immediately catch your eye. The imposing tower can be climbed by anyone who is happy to challenge themselves to the 366 steps. Once you’re at the top, your efforts are rewarded with a breathtaking view over Bruges and its surroundings. The authentic medieval inner-city was and continues to be protected, with large parts of the historical patrimony still intact. The entire inner-city has been listed as World Heritage by UNESCO.

In Ghent, your guide will help you discover the treasures of the city. From the local specialty, the Ghent ‘neuzen’ (nose-shaped candy), to a fortified castle, rows of terraced houses, medieval towers, world-famous art and charming town squares, as well as markets full of goodies, the best attractions of the Ghent city centre are all side by side.

Find out why the residents call themselves ‘Noose bearers’, stroll through the ever-changing ‘graffiti street’ and admire the unique view of the Graslei. A visit to the Saint Bavo Cathedral is not to be missed. It is the oldest parochial church in the centre of Ghent. The highlight is the artistic altarpiece, The Adoration of the Mystic Lamb, by the Van Eyck brothers.

Tuesday 6 September 2022 9:00
Wednesday 7 September 2022 9:00
Thursday 8 September 2022 9:00
 Duration of the tour 8 hours 
 Price per person €80,00 per person 

Please note that this tour will only be organized if there is a minimum of registrations. An alternative date will be proposed, or you can request a reimbursement.